Kristopher Bahamondes

Beverage Director with an eye for details

Toronto, Ontario

Kristopher Bahamondes

Born in Toronto and raised in South Florida. I began bartending at the age of 19. I've worked at some capacity in almost every position in a restaurant and have extensive experience managing successful beverage programs. My passion lies in well balanced and beautifully presented cocktails. I love participating in cocktail competitions and my favorite part of my job is training bartenders.



Rebel House Mixologist Kris Bahamondes Serves Molecular Cocktails

Rebel House mixologist Kris Bahamondes is a true bar man. He can mix a drink better than we've seen in a long time, and has some innate way of teaching you a brilliant new bar trick while tasting something truly unique -- all in just one happy hour sitting. It's the kind of talent that makes you wish you could pour a drink to make the pretty girls swoon, and the hard-core gin drinkers nod in respect.
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Happy Hosting With Pinnacle Vodka

When you think of sipping an unflavoured vodka, your mind immediately goes to some of the bigger names, where a bottle may run you close to $50. While that’s fine and dandy – Pinnacle Vodka comes in at about half that price and has actually won top honour for the Vodka category in the 2013 International Wine & Spirit Competition beating out more than 100 vodkas from around the world in a blind taste-test.

A new crop of stellar cocktails

The vibe: Back in the century-old or so day, our grandparents ate locally sourced food that was fresher, healthier and more eco-friendly. This revolutionary philosophy was called — wait for it — “eating,” because that’s just what they did. Max’s Harvest is the upscale presentation of that used-to-be-common reality, tucked into Delray Beach’s cozy Pineapple Grove area.

Packing a punch

Kris Bahamondes, bar manager at Soho House Toronto (192 Adelaide West, 416-599-7646,, keeps it simple with a clean and classic recipe he likes to call Knockout Brunch Punch. If there’s ever a time to take advantage of the napping opportunities the holidays provide, it’s post-brunch punch.

Portland Variety opens its doors in bustling King West

What is Portland Variety? Is it a bakery? Or maybe a restaurant? Or a bar? Well, as the name suggests, it’s actually all of the above. The idea is that the place transforms throughout the day, changing food and function to fit the needs of the neighbourhood and its people. In the day, it’s a bakery and café, and a breakfast and lunch spot.

Kris Bahamondes, Soho House Toronto

Read every cocktail book you can get your hands on and make sure you always have a blowtorch handy, are the two top tips of our Toronto bar supervisor. Opening night at Portland Variety, a brand-new bar thatI opened here in Toronto before I joined Soho House. It was an incredible feeling launching a new cocktail menu full of fun and complex elements in a brand new city.

Bartender Competition 2015


12 hot toddy cocktail recipes that will make you glad it’s turned cold

We’ve had no summer, the wool coats are back out the cupboards, let’s face it it’s practically winter. Curling up at home in front of the fire (or a warm Netflix screen) with a hot cup of heaven. Boozy heaven. Here’s 12 hot toddy cocktails that will make you glad it’s turned cold. In a large mug or tea pot add the tea bags and the boiling water.

Mixology Cocktails


Summer Sippers – by Kris Bahamondes

This cocktail is a cross between the Oaxacan old fashioned from Death and Co. and a Classic cocktail called the Martinez. I’m currently Martinez obsessed: smooth, delicious and boozy. This cocktails profile is round and smokey from the mezcal which perfectly compliments the mole bitters. Procedure: In a chilled mixing glass filled with ice, add the Tromba Blanco, Martini Bianco and Xocolatl mole bitters.

December Delights – by Kris Bahamondes

This is as simple as it gets, but I present this to you as a concept. Mimosas can be so much more than just orange juice. Any fresh juice can combine to make new and fun, seasonal flavors. Be sure to strain any juice you use as pulp will result in the champagne bubbling out of your glass and all over the bar/floor.

Savory Syrup Surprises – by Kris Bahamondes

Welcome back with the latest edition of Flavors for It’s been a crazy two months in the Great North aka Toronto and the egg whites have been FLYING (sometimes, not in a good way). My fellow bar men and I have made a conscious decision to try and pull back our egg use, but before we do I had to share this cocktail with you.


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